Over 2000 gifts were delivered last year. If you would like a Christmas Eve Santa Claus visit, please follow the steps below. No child should be excluded! Please call David at (781)275-7631 or visit our contact page, if you need assistance.


There is no charge for this program. Though we are run by volunteers, expenses exceed $4000 each year. Please see our donations page for ways to contribute.

Today - Register with us now. You can register by:
- filling out the form online (before December 4th, 2016)
- by returning the postcard mailed to you (please mail before November 20, 2016
- OR by calling us at: (781)275-1680 (before December 4th, but late registrations may also be accepted) Leave a message with the following information: [your name (please spell your last name), your address, your phone number and the number of gifts to be delivered]. You only need to choose one method of registration. We may call if there are any questions, so please be sure your phone number is provided. If you are unsure of how many gifts you will want Santa to deliver or if you think that your plans/numbers change, please register now with your best guess and call back later to change the number.

December 17th, 2016 (Gift Drop Day) - Take the gifts to be delivered to the John Glenn Middle School Gymnasium (Please use the entrance closest to the gymnasium. It is adjacent to the parking lot on Railroad Ave., across from the football field) on Saturday, December 17th, 2016, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Please come as early in the day as possible.

  • Please keep gifts SMALL. The total number of gifts for your stop MUST fit inside a single standard-sized pillowcase. We will not be able to accept any gifts larger than 10"x7"x3" in size.
  • One gift per child.
  • Wrap all gifts for the same address in the same paper.
  • Secure all wrapped gifts with tape, not string.
  • For each present, on a detachable tag (a "yellow sticky" works fine), print one family name and address on the front of the tag, print the child's first name and age on the back of the tag.
  • If the child is a visitor, please use the "family name" of the family the child is visiting, because, if we must call in case of questions, we want to call the home where the gift will be delivered.
  • For last minute gifts, call us at (781)275-7631 and leave a message to request special arrangements.

Christmas Eve, December 24rth, 2016.

  • Please have access to the house cleared of snow and ice.
  • The walk should be lighted.
  • If you have a dog/dogs, please have it/them restrained prior to 5:30pm until after Santa has visited.
  • Be at home from 5:30, until Santa arrives. Santa should arrive anytime between 5:30pm and 8:00pm.
  • Please, only one photo of Santa, no more.
  • Please, no refreshments for Santa.

Santa tries to complete his route by 7:30pm, but he will be visiting many families, and sometimes, he gets delayed. If Santa does not arrive by 8:30pm, call (781)879-9817.